Welcome to the Trash Art WikiEdit

Have an unneeded art? Upload it here and it might be useful to anyone else who sees it.


Have an unwanted art? Don't just waste it. Try drop em' off here and there maybe some people who will "abdopt" them. Don't let minutes of hard work get wasted just like that


It might be a free wiki, but there are rules here. Everyone knows, without rules, any wiki would be upside down. So please follow them, okay?

  • The picture must not have bad words or teasing other people. Disobedience will result in 2 days of block.
  • The user must not be rude to others and saying bad words. At least not so often. Disobedience would result in 2 days of ban.
  • The user must not delete the pictures of others on purpose. Disobedience would result in 3 days of ban.
  • The user should not make pictures of just blank stuff for giveaway. This is spamming. Example: Making blank or single-coloured picutres. Disobedience would result in 4 days of ban.
  • Users must not say bad words about the other user's pictures. Disobedience will result in 3 days of ban.
  • If the user does at least 4 of the things above, it would result in a year of ban. If he does it 6 times, it would result in an infinite ban.

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